It’s not just hamburgers and craft beers we care about. At Beef & Liberty we’re passionate about doing our bit, whether it’s looking after the environment, or just helping out our friends and neighbours. Here’s how…

Farm to Fork

We are as obsessed with serving the best hamburgers in town as we are obsessed with knowing where our food comes from. Here at Beef & Liberty, our food journey always begins with the source. We proudly serve hormone-free grass-fed beef in our Shanghai restaurant because this is what cows eat naturally and it produces leaner meat, which is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. The cattle are naturally raised by small-scale farms with the cleanest air in the world. This makes for some very happy and relaxed cows and therefore a great hamburger.


Being Green Rocks

Every little helps. We love our takeaway packaging so much; it’s all made with recyclable materials and is biodegradable, but we won’t let you have too much of it! We are leading a new campaign for retro straws- we’ve replaced plastic straws with vintage paper straws- anybody remember those? We want to see those plates scraped clean, so we will serve the right-size portions to avoid unnecessary food waste. We’re cool, but not that cool. Light’s out. All appliances and lights are switched off at night, and we use low-energy lighting systems. We’ve not got much bottle; where we can, all glass bottles are sent to recycling.

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