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Pique the interest of your taste buds with witty gourmet fare that’s all about the beef. Beef & Liberty is our modern homage to the original beefsteak clubs and, we hope, the best hamburger you will have tried in a while.

We proudly serve hormone-free grass-fed beef in our Hong Kong restaurant. Our beef is from Scottish Longhorn cattle, reared in the heart of the Highlands within the Cairngorms National Park on a natural diet of grass and never given hormones or antibiotics. We grind in-house daily, grill it to a pink and juicy medium (or to your preference - just ask) and serve it on a golden bun baked to our own exact recipe.

The Hamburger Restaurant That’s Bringing the Beefsteak Club into the Modern Age

The beefsteak club phenomenon is something that most Hong Kong inhabitants are unaware of, but it’s from this 18th century gastronomic culture that we derive our restaurant’s name.

In 1735 a gentleman and actor named John Rich founded one such club called The Sublime Society of Beefsteaks. The Sublime Society was a gathering place for London’s intelligentsia – the leading actors, artists, writers and politicians who celebrated the consumption of beef and steak in particular. It was also a venue in which the members met to discuss the major issues of the day, partake of good food and drink and enjoy each other’s company. The society’s members had to swear an oath which ended with “ beef and liberty be my reward”.

We hope that you enjoy eating in Beef & Liberty as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Browse our website to view our menu which includes a curated selection of the best craft beers from around the world.

Will & Uwe