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We are obsessed, in a healthy way, with hamburgers. We think about them everyday, dream about them most nights and spend a ridiculous amount of time wondering how to make them even better. Our obsession became a business when we opened Gourmet Café seven years ago. During the following 2,555 days of cooking, experimenting, listening to our customers and quite a lot of burgers later we learned a few things. As much as everyone loved Gourmet Café we felt that it could be better and so we decided to re-think what a great hamburger restaurant should be. Beef & Liberty is the result.

What is Beef & Liberty?

Beef & Liberty is our modern homage to the original beefsteak clubs. Our hamburgers are made from Homone-free grass-fed Tasmania beef, ground in-house twice a day, served on a custom baked white roll with minimal fuss but maximum obsession. Add friends and family, top it off with some great craft beers or a fresh Liberty lemonade and you’ve got our version of what a perfect hamburger experience should be.

Why the name?

It originates in eighteenth century London. In 1735 a gentleman and actor named John Rich founded a club called The Sublime Society of Beefsteaks. The society was a gathering place for London’s intelligentsia, which celebrated the consumption of beef and steak in particular. It was also a venue in which the members met to discuss the major issues of the day, partake of good food and drink and enjoy each other’s company. The society’s members had to swear an oath which ended with “...so beef and liberty be my reward”

We hope that you enjoy eating in Beef & Liberty as much as we have enjoyed creating it.